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Aura Health

Aura is an app that promotes better emotional health. This all-in-one application enhances wellbeing, sleep, and emotional and mental health.

Aura’s Emotional Health APP

Aura’s personalized recommendations help people transform their lives in the best possible manner. The brand has a mission of helping people achieve peace and mindfulness. There are various areas this app works on, such as meditation, sleep, spirituality, etc.

elements to improve

The client wanted a lot of improvements. Other than the website’s existing features, the client wanted us to add other elements to improve the usability and appeal of the website. This website had a few issues that were making it hard to operate. Along with this, the data management was not efficient enough.

effective and efficient strategy

Our team designed an effective and efficient strategy that focused on enhancing the entire website. From the layout of the website to its content management, everything was thoroughly planned and put into implementation, which resulted in a well-designed and highly functional website.

Website & App


After auditing the website, our team found that various factors were contributing to its inefficiency. The website was not grabbing the attention of cell phone users as it was not responsive. There were other issues with the website that are listed below.


With our well-crafted website development strategy, we were able to solve various issues that were repelling the interest of users. We made the website organized by putting design elements in the proper order and making sure to secure the data and information through security measures. Here is what we did to meet our goals.

Content Update

We updated the content on different pages. We focused on the quality of the content because we wanted the users to learn everything about the application. The content was properly placed so that it gives a clean appeal to the website.

Responsive Website

The website didn’t fit on small screens, and that was a significant reason behind poor user engagement. Our team organized the text, media files, and other design elements to make the website responsive. This made the website fit appropriately on small screens and boosted user engagement.

The loading speed

Since the website had a lot of design elements, it was taking a long time to load, which ended up increasing its bounce rate. However, we reduced the loading time by eliminating unwanted and heavy files.

Security management

The website was not completely secured. It was prone to various data threats that placed the website in a vulnerable position. Our developers made the website secure through various security measures that focus on data protection.