Drinkhint with the motto" Drink water, and Not Sugar" aims at helping people fall in love with drinking water- fruit-flavored water that is perfectly delicious and healthy.

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🔥The layout and the functionality of the website was outdated.
🔥The website was not secure and needed a better checkout process.
🔥Create an easy to navigate online shop.
🔥 Develop a lead-generating website to portray the company as a game-changer in the industry.

well-designed and highly functional

✅ The client experience in crafting flavors that fully reflect their fruit origin is unparalleled. Drinkhint offers dozens of amazing flavors like blackberry, watermelon, and cherry.

✅To increase the website's visibility and provide relevant information to users with a single click, we revamped the website for the client. The client wanted a responsive website with a hassle-free payment gateway and a content management system to create, update, and remove content easily.

✅ We started work from scratch to achieve the desired results, conducted comprehensive research, and offered an all-inclusive web development process rooted in data. The ultimate goal was to design a smooth online and offline purchase process for their customers.


Our web development team considered the existing website structure, UX wireframe, and content for each web page. After conducting research, we reconsidered the user flows and interactions, structured the existing wireframes and user interface. Have a look at the state-of-the-art solution we provided to our client.

☑️ Excellent choice: Here, we focused on reducing the cognitive load and simplified the purchase path for the user. The different points we developed for the site were: home page, water, personal care, subscribe to save our story, find a store, rewards, and account.

☑️ Navigation: Corrected the previous navigation that was overloaded with options and categories.

☑️ Product Grid: Created product grid to help customers browse products like browsing shelves and find the required product in the desired quantity with ease.

☑️ Sign up for emails:To hear about the exclusive offers and receive newsletters from the company, we created a signup page using Zendesk as our email hosting provider.

The Drinkhint Web Pages

Home Page

Our creative process for the home page resulted in more iterations. We strategically planned the UI/UX of the page as it was the main page of the website, so the style has to provide direction for the rest of the pages. The first section of the home page showed special offers for new customers, and the second section represented top-selling flavors.

Our Story Page

Generated interactive connections between the tagline and the mission of the website. Highlighted the benefits customers will get by purchasing their drinking water.

Water Page

The particular page contains information on different product categories and the size of each product. It includes Still-16 Oz, Still- 1 liter, Sparkling, Hint energy, Hint kids, and Bundles.

Personal Care

The specific page provides information on the secondary products the firm sells, i.e., Deodorants.

Subscribe to Save

The page directs users directly to the subscriber page, where they will find the benefits of becoming part of the Drinkhint family.

Account Page

The account page was further divided into my orders, subscriptions, and buy again.

Web technologies

Why Did We Choose Shopify Plus Over Other CMS?

☑️ Exclusive customization and easy to design website.
☑️ Offers scalable SaaS hosting to make the brand's website functioning and reliable.
☑️ Shopify Plus offers Launchpad to handle the high traffic volume.
Wide variety of features to operate an online store.
☑️ Shopify pay integration which allows customers to save billing and shipping information.

Why Did We Consider Ruby on Rails Technology?

☑️ Safe & secure.
☑️ Cost-effective.
☑️ Easy to maintain.
☑️ Improves productivity.
☑️ Automated tested.
☑️ Full-stack framework.

Why Did We Consider AJAX Libraries API?

☑️ To reduce the server traffic and increase speed
☑️ Enables asynchronous calls
☑️ To reduce bandwidth usage
☑️ For immediate form submission
☑️ Enhanced user experience
☑️ Helps in lazy loading

Why did we prefer Webflow as a CMS over any other?

☑️ A compressed timeline.
☑️ Create, host, and manage multiple websites and landing pages.
☑️ Integrate measurement tools.
☑️ Design consistency and speed.
☑️ Automatic site backups.

Which Payment Gateways Did We Use?

☑️ Recharge payments: Easily sell subscriptions on Shopify
☑️ PayPal Button: Includes content from PayPal that includes checkout button
☑️ Visa: The website accepts payments with Visa
☑️ American Express: To accept payment from American Express
☑️ Master Card: The website accepts payments with MasterCard
☑️ Apple Pay: The website accepts payments with Apple Pay

Email Hosting Provider We Used for the Client

☑️Sendgrid: It's a cloud-based email infrastructure for email delivery management.
☑️ Zendesk: To organize, prioritize and engage with others on support requests.

Why Did We Use Core.Js as a Standard JavaScript Library?

☑️ Easy data handling.
☑️ Easy user interface.
☑️ DOM manipulation.
☑️ Faster websites.
☑️ Seamless user experience


Through our efforts, we streamlined the website development process and uplifted the user experience spanning the physical and online touchpoints to support brand persona throughout the purchase process. The outcome of our work includes:

☑️ Expanded user knowledge and made the product discovery process easy.
☑️ Created an engaging landing page Reduced the time and cost required in creating a user-friendly landing page
☑️ The new website structure resulted in an increase in website traffic.
☑️ Easy to place an order with high security.
☑️ Navigation friendly website for customers