The Steel Orchid

The Steel Orchid is an e-commerce platform that offers various baby products such as crib mattresses, diapers, etc.

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🔥 Poor website layout.
🔥 Inefficient content quality.
🔥 Unprotected website data.
🔥 Internal page linking errors.
🔥 Insufficient information

well-designed and highly functional

✅ They ship all of their products to the lower 48 states and are focused on expanding their reach to Alaska and Hawaii. They have many different brands that have a good market reputation. Overall, the business has great growth potential.

✅ The website was facing technical issues that were nothing but a big turn off for online visitors. There were minimal website clicks and engagement. The content on the website was also not something moms could relate to, which is why the audience's interest was pulling away from it. The website was also not very visually pleasing, which was a huge audience-repelling factor.

✅ Our website developers took the matter into their own hands and developed an outstanding web development strategy that addressed the weak areas of the website. We optimised the security, appeal, and technical aspects of the website in the best manner possible.


Our team left no stone unturned to help the client get the desired results. We optimised various aspects of the website to make it more functional and operational. We focused on the content quality as we wanted the audience to feel relatable to the business. Since it is an e-commerce website that deals with sensitive client information, we also took website security into consideration. Here is how we solved all the website issues.

☑️ UI/UX layout: The UI/UX layout was one of our primary focus areas. We made the website easy to use so that the target audience (mothers) can easily access the required products. The website was improved visually so that it could grab the attention of people.

☑️ Content quality: Another important factor was the quality of content. We designed the content so that the target audience could relate to it. The content describes all the information about the products so that customers know what they are buying. The content is SEO friendly so that it can generate organic traffic.

☑️ Website data protection: The website contains sensitive data of the customers, and that’s why it was important for us to protect the entire website. With various security measures such as authentication processes and data encryption.

☑️ Internal page linking errors: The pages were not properly interlinked due to which the audience was not able to explore the website. We internal linked the website pages so that every product or website section would be visible to people.

The Steel Orchid Web Pages

Home Page

We wanted the home page to look aesthetic so that it could reflect comfort, love, and happiness. We listed some top products from each section so that customers can easily access the best baby care equipment. We also build sections to place the textual content on the website.


The about page focuses on the background and inspiration of the business. Visitors can learn about the company on this page, which will make the business look more authentic and credible.

Product pages

We decided to give thorough information about the product. We listed every feature of the product along with customers’ reviews.


We created pages for different brands and listed their products on them so that customers could explore the products based on the brand they prefer.

Web technologies

Why did we prefer Font Awesome?

☑️ It’s retina ready and easy to style.
☑️ It has performance advantages.
☑️ Browsers dig Font Awesome.
☑️ Pseudo use with content.

Why did we use MailChimp?

☑️ The interface is simple and customizable.
☑️ It’s free.
☑️ The analytics are very detailed.

Why did we choose WooCommerce?

☑️ Full control of data.
☑️ Thousands of unique store designs via the WordPress theme.
☑️ Security.
☑️ It makes search engine optimization easy.
☑️ Fast loading speed in both the backend and frontend.

Why did we choose Klarna?

☑️ Obtain full payment in advance.
☑️ Available for both online and offline purchases.
☑️ It is simple to set up.
☑️ Credit risk and fraud protection.
☑️ Transactions are secure.

Why did we use PayPal?

☑️ No monthly maintenance payments.
☑️ Lightning-fast setup.
☑️ Easy e-commerce integration.


Our website development strategy was highly efficient and effective as we helped our client achieve the desired results. The website’s performance increased and user engagement improved, which resulted in more lead generation. The business received excellent results with its improved e-commerce website.

☑️ Increased user participation.
☑️ More Website Clicks.
☑️ Appealing UI/UX layout.
☑️ Protected website data.
☑️ Enhanced website performance.