Wint Water Intelligence

Wint Water Intelligence is a name brand that sells intelligent water conservation solutions.

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🔥 Poor UI/UX interface.
🔥 Excessive design elements that increase the website’s loading time
🔥 The website was not mobile responsive.
🔥 The content management system was outdated.
🔥 Vulnerable to security threats.

well-designed and highly functional

✅ Wint devices detect leaks in real-time using artificial intelligence and automatically shut them off. This prevents water damage to the building and reduces water wastage. Wint has a vision of water conservation for a better future for the planet.

✅Wint came and wanted us to improve the appeal and functionalities of the website. The client demanded us to fix several errors and improve the UI/UX interface, as it was quite unattractive. Our team did a thorough analysis of the website and identified various issues that we resolved with efficient development solutions.


Our team of website developers made significant changes to the website, which improved its overall functionality and user experience. We removed various functionality barriers and updated various areas that were repelling user interest. Here is how we helped our client meet its website goals.

☑️ Enhanced UI/UX interface: We properly managed all the design elements and added more whitespace on the website to make it look visually appealing. Various sections were added to the website to properly place the content and media.

☑️ Reduced loading time: The website took a lot of time to load. After the analysis, it was found that the website had many unnecessary files and design elements that were taking a toll on its loading speed. We removed all the unwanted files and elements to reduce the loading speed.

☑️ Mobile responsive:The website was not mobile responsive, and that's why mobile users had trouble operating it. Our team made the website mobile responsive by fixing the design elements. The media, texts, design-theme, and other factors were taken into consideration.

☑️ Website security: We used anti-malware software to protect the data on the website. The authentication process was also taken into consideration to make sure only authorised individuals can access the data. The website's data was encrypted to safeguard vital and sensitive information.

The WintWater Web Pages

Solution webpages

The "Solution" section of the website includes various webpages that focus on different operational areas of the business, such as carbon emission, hospitality, facility management, etc. We decided to exclude excessive media files and focus on text so that the webpages look appealing, and less cluttered. The information was crystal clear so that the customers would get accurate information about the device and its usage.

About us

A clear vision and mission of the company were defined with detailed information about the company and its water conservation device.


The Technology webpage focuses on the artificial intelligence used in the device. We also added a “Download Product Brochure” CTA so that visitors can learn more about the product.

Web technologies

Why did we use WP Rocket?

☑️ No coding skills are required.
☑️ It is extremely easy to setup and improve your site speed.
☑️ Database optimization, which reduces database system response time.
☑️ Browser caching, which stores certain types of files on the website visitors’ local computer for faster loading times.

Why we preferred MonsterInsights

☑️ Easy Google Analytics set up.
☑️ Save time on finding and viewing reports.
☑️ Helps increase website traffic.

Why did we choose Yoast Plugins?

☑️ Create content that is SEO-friendly.
☑️ Prevent visitors from ending up on dead links.
☑️ It automatically adds structured data to help Google understand the site.
☑️ Integrations with powerful platforms

Why did we choose PHP framework over any other?

☑️ Faster development.
☑️ Good coding standards.
☑️ Access databases efficiently.
☑️ High-end security.

Why did we prefer BunnyCDN General for this website?

☑️ Improve Conversions and Revenue
☑️ Increase Security and Scalability
☑️ Improve SEO and User Experience

Why we chose WP Engine CMS?

☑️ Multiple Editors
☑️ Reliable Security.
☑️ Multiple Themes.


Our team of web developers made sure to fix every aspect of the website to make it more user-friendly, secure, and functional. With our strategic web-development plan, we achieve the following results:

☑️ The website loads faster than before.
☑️ The data and information are secured and can be easily managed.
☑️ The website is visually appealing and easy to operate.
☑️ The website can operate efficiently on every screen, including cell-phones, laptops, tablets etc.