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Running a successful eCommerce store takes a lot of skill. With more competition than ever before, standing out from the pack and developing a loyal following of repeat customers isn’t easy. But you’re in good hands when you work with us, we know how to deliver lasting results.


Through conversations, analytics, and user-experience audits, our eCommerce solutions experts gain a deep understanding of your business and goals. We listen, learn, advise and ask questions to collectively define KPIs and create an eCommerce plan.


After the platform discovery, our UX/UI designers and full-stack developers craft on-brand and pixel-perfect eCommerce stores that are optimized for conversions. Our development team works side-by-side with designers and strategists to build, integrate, and launch.

Growth optimization

This is our strategic process for supporting, testing, and optimizing your eCommerce store & email marketing campaigns. From AB testing and personalization to development and email marketing. We monitor analytics, heatmaps, and performance, to ensure your business is growing.

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We can help you upgrade your old website to a state-of-the-art world-class eCommerce store that is user-friendly, one that converts!

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In the ever-changing world of emerging technologies, we update stores by making frequent updates, adding security features, and constantly optimizing them for higher performance.

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An E-commerce website enables you to sell anything online immediately. You can sell products and attract millions of online customers to buy products. We are offering affordable eCommerce product packages that cover everything you require to get started! Please select the package that suits you the best.

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Branding , Development

Wootten is an e-commerce website that sells leather products such as bags, shoes, aprons, etc. The focal area of this business is its custom fit and standard made-to-order footwear. Wootten works with the motive of offering the best leather footwear experience to its customers. Although footwear is the highlight of this business, its other products, such as bags and passport wallets, also grab the attention of online consumers.

This business came to us with a website that was extremely complex, crowded with media and coding files, vulnerable to security threats and nonfunctional. The website was not clearly stating its purpose, and this was driving customers away from the business. Wootten wanted us to make the website more operational, functional, and easy to navigate. The website needed a lot of attention and a reconstruction strategy.

Our team of website developers monitored various aspects of the website through which we found various errors that were hampering the user experience. With our backend and frontend website fixations, we helped Wootten grab online attention, which was the primary goal of the client.


The Wootten website had many development and design errors. The entire layout of the website was too complicated for the users to explore it efficiently. In addition to this, there were several security and functionality challenges that made the website user-repelling. Here is a list of website challenges that we addressed:

  • Security issues
  • Poor website layout
  • Pages were not properly linked to each other.
  • Inefficient content on product pages
  • Average loading speed


Our team had a fair idea about how to eliminate all the website issues that were impacting the user experience. We stepped into the core of the website and solved the issues one by one. We made various fixes that made this website highly functional and attractive. Here is how we solved all the website challenges:

  • Enhanced the security: With the help of SSL encryption, we encrypted the login pages. This helps in the secure transfer of customers’ data and information such as credit card details. We monitored the website for malware threats and installed anti-malware software for the future protection of the website.
  • Improved website layout and design: All the elements were placed properly with sufficient whitespace, which made the website look clean and elegant. A design theme was selected that matched the essence of the website. This made the website look visually appealing.
  • Internal linking: The website was not properly linked, which meant it was hard to navigate the pages. The customers were finding it challenging to explore the website. We internally linked the pages so that customers could easily visit other pages to learn about more products.
  • Proper content: There was no content on the product pages. The customers were not getting enough information about the product they were interested in. We decided to place well-written content on the product pages so that customers can know what they are investing in. The length of the content was also kept into consideration.
  • Improved loading speed: The loading speed was average. However, the client wanted to have minimal loading speed in order to become a leading online destination. By eliminating various media and coding files, we successfully improved the speed of the website.

The Wootten Web Pages

  • Home page

The home page of the website had some major issues in terms of design elements and media. From inappropriate image size to undefined sections, the home pages needed a lot of effort. We removed unwanted files that were taking up space and properly placed the sections and the products on display. We added various sections to the home page that were linked to other pages of the website.

  • Process

The client wanted to have a page where the entire process of leather shoe creation was mentioned. Hence, we added this page to the website and described the process in detail.

  • FAQ

The webpage has some common questions asked by customers. This helps visitors understand the business.

  • Heritage

Wootten has a rich and interesting store of origin, which is mentioned on this webpage.

Web Technologies


Why did we choose Google Tag Manager?

  • Doesn’t require coding knowledge.
  • Enables flexibility and experimentation.
  • Supports faster page loading speeds.


Why did we prefer nginx as a web server?

  1. Installations and configurations are simple and easy.
  2. Fastest and best for serving static files.
  3. Dynamic content transformed into static content.
  4. Compatibility with widely used web apps
  5. Load Balancing Support



Why did we choose the isotope plugin?

  1. It uses masonry and packer layouts, as well as other layouts.
  2. Filtration feature
  3. It rearranges the order of different elements in the main UI layout section.


With our website development strategy, we achieved our goal of making the website attractive, secure, and functional. After website reconstruction, it started gaining more public attention. Visitors started engaging more as the webpages became easier to navigate. Here is a list of what we achieved.

  • Better user interface/layout of the website
  • Increased user engagement
  • Secure website data and customer information
  • Faster loading speed


Branding , Development , Ui/UX

Darting Basketball Academy (DBA) takes players beyond their potential. First, they start teaching basic movements, and players get to master various basketball techniques until the end of the program. Moreover, DBA basketball trainers have represented and trained the nation’s top-class players at the highest levels.

Darting Basketball Academy contacted us to showcase its presence in the digital world with an amazing web solution. It was a complicated new approach DBA was bringing to the industry. In addition, they need a well-polished web design and some custom online functionality.

We know from the first meeting with the Darting Basketball Academy team that they have some great ideas for growth, and they need a reliable platform to bring those amazing ideas to market. Therefore, we precisely took care of each parameter and overcame well on the following challenges:
New site architecture and design.
Developing audience personas.
Responsive designs.
Custom graphics.
Lower bounce rate.
Well-structured layout: The first thing to be considered in building a website is to prepare a prototype. It gave a clear vision to a client of how their website will look. Moreover, it helps the client understand whether or not the layout will help educate their audience.
Custom Graphics: Since Darting Basketball Academy (DBA) has come up with a new approach, custom graphics should be more significant regarding subtle details. Our well-experienced web designers developed creative icons and videos, and our developers incorporated them in a great manner.
Improved User Experience (UX): Our prepared layout makes it easier for visitors to find information quickly. Moreover, we also met the demand of mobile web users’ experience with responsive layout.

Darting Basketball Academy (DBA) Web Pages
Home Page
While building the landing page (home page), our web developers and web designers have the only thing in mind: this main page must let visitors understand the primary purpose of DBA.

Who We Are
The purpose of developing this web page was to let visitors know about the philosophy and idea behind bringing the various basketball training programs to market and get players to interact with the founders, trainers, and other respected members.

The objective of building this web page was to guide enthusiastic basketball learners and visitors about the upcoming events, camps, private training sessions, and more via calendar format.

Youth Foundation
The primary motive of this particular web page was to guide visitors about the Darting Basketball Academy Youth Foundation. They are on the mission to assist youth in high-risk conditions: IMPROVE academic achievement, TEACH effective leadership skills, and ENGAGE students.
Other Pages
Web Technologies
Why did we choose WordPress over other CMS for this project?
Great security
Simplified content creation
Optimized for speed
Affordable pricing

What Theme Platform We Picked?
We had chosen the Astra Theme platform for the Darting Basketball Academy (DBA) website development. The reasons behind choosing this platform were:
Lower loading time
Offers deeper integration with WooCommerce
Loaded with unique feature
Countless customizations

What widgets have we included on this website?
Gravity Forms
Contact Forms for WordPress

Google Font API: It helps you add web fonts to any web page
Typekit: It is the easiest way to use real fonts on the web
Elementor: Page builder for WordPress
Elementor Pro Usage Statistics: Pro version of the Elementor page builder
Font Awesome: Iconic font and CSS toolkit
Unsplash: Free photo service
Page Links To: It allows you to make a WordPress page link to a URL of your choosing
reCAPTCHA: Anti-bot CAPTCHA widget from Google
Custom Skin: Create new skins for Elementor PRO
JetEngine: Dynamic content plugin for WordPress
PowerPack Addons for Elementor: Addons for Elementor
Ultimate Addons for Elementor: Addons for WordPress

How We Made The Website Mobile User Friendly?
Viewport Meta: This page uses the viewport meta tag, which may optimize the content for mobile content.
iPhone / Mobile Compatible iPhone / Mobile Compatible: The website contains code that allows the page to support iPhone / Mobile Content.
Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon: This page contains an icon for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices.

Our team has given their best to achieve this unique web solution. Here are the following outcomes:
New proprietary algorithms
Deeper level data filtering
Improved and accurate new data, all the time
Promotion plan for email presentation of new data points
More statistical data and percentiles in the profile detail

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