Salon App For Your Salon Business With Admin Access


💄 Our professionals will develop a salon app that meets all your needs. Using advanced technologies, we help create apps with high revenue potential.



What can we offer?

We will build an application that is easy to use for your customers. Have a glance at what we can integrate into it. 

🔶 Super easy appointment booking feature 

🔶 Real-time tracking functionality

🔶 Booking alerts.

🔶 Easy to navigate

🔶 Business dashboard

Here is what you can expect from our services 

🔷 Manage multiple users at a single screen

🔷 Easy to use Super Admin Interface

🔷 Generate Earnings & Sales Report

🔷 Manage Service Pricing and Invoices

🔷 Manage Discount Coupons and Promos

🔷 Features that we can integrate into the Salon booking application

In-app payment 

With this feature, your customer can make online payments while booking an appointment. We can integrate the payment gateways as per your requirements with full transparency

Booking history 

We have skilled developers who can upon the client’s request we can integrate booking history features in the salon app. It can help you to see the services availed by your customers in the past. You can check their booking details and can retarget them.

Service list and prices

The salon application will have all the price lists and service lists so that your customers can have in-depth information about your services. 

Advanced services

Here are the advanced services of the salon app 

Loyalty programs 

We can integrate loyalty features so that you can offer your customers loyalty programs like rewards, gifts, and bonuses. 


By integrating this feature, you can allow your customers to pre-book their seats. They can book advanced appointments easily. 


We can integrate feedback and review systems so that you can know the views of your customers regarding your services. 

Catalog management 

As an owner, you can update the catalog, service, and loyalty programs from the backend. We provide a highly functional admin setup 

Why choose us?

🟣 We develop applications quickly and faster.

🟣 We have a quick response rate 

🟣 We focus on user-friendliness and easy navigation.

🟣 Hundreds of happy and recurring clients

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