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⚡ At Anytek, we have been actively serving hundreds of clients by developing Mobile SIP SDK and other over-the-top applications.



Our solutions

✨ Our product features are video conference, video streaming, chat presence, images and file sharing, over IP, and other secure communications.

✨ IETF, RCS, VOLTE, and Packetable are all features of our Software development kit.

✨ Our solution will contain telephony, anonymous call rejection, call forwarding, call blocking, call blocking, etc.

Here are our VoIP development services

Asterisk Development

We develop a well-known IP PBX system known as Asterisk for better communication in the organization. Asterisk solutions have several benefits like IVR, Voice broadcasting, dial plan programming, and several others.

WebRTC development 

WebRTC has great power, and you can utilize it for better communication. We provide WebRTC services for your business needs. Our developers can also integrate telephony technology via which you can have real-time communication. ( audio, video, web conferencing, chat system, etc.)

VOIP Desktop App Development 

You can count on us for the development of VOIP desktop-based applications. Our developers can provide complete VOIP application development services after understanding the low-level architecture of the desktop’s operating system.


Freeswitch is a reliable and trustworthy platform that companies use to communicate. It is a completely open-source and highly scalable platform. Our developers can build robust VOIP -driven applications for different companies. 

OpenSiPs Development 

We can provide OpenSIP development services to help companies manage communication with several clients. Our developing team leverages their expertise and develops OpenSips. 

Why choose us?

💎We offer several solutions like IVR, Call center software, Open Sips development, FreeSWITCH development, click-to-call, and WebRTC development.

💎 We offer budget-friendly-services and have top-notch experts 

💎 We have dedicated project managers having expertise in the same.

💎 We do not disclose any of your personal information.

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